The COVO is in the heart of Auckland. By pouring his great passion for "Italian-style" hospitality into the restaurant. The COVO has since become the meeting point for many Italians in Auckland. It is the place to experience real Italian atmosphere and real Italian cuisine. "COVO" in Italian means hideout, or hangout. 

In July 2014 the COVO embarked on a new adventure.

Dario Ripa, the Chef, and his partner Sonia Cerasaro, decided to take over the restaurant and write a new chapter. These two young Italians from Rome are truly passionate about Italian cuisine:

"When we were living in Rome we were lucky enough to travel all over the country, from the fairytale village of Vipiteno, at the foothills of the Alps in the North, to the picturesque beaches in Tropea in the South, with their crystal clear water. It's impossible not to fall in love with Italy, where every region, every town has its own tradition, dialect, unique arts and flavours! I remember the joyful music, songs and dances, like the well-know Tarantella, during the wine festival in the Castelli, an area famous for its wine production in the hills just outside Rome. The heady aroma of spit-roasted pork: la porchetta! The romantic walks through the narrow and picturesque streets of Venice. I could keep adding to the list but what really matters is the knowledge we gained from these incredible experiences and how they turned Dario into a very talented chef. In the COVO's kitchen, Dario loves to prepare a variety of delicious meals based on the traditional recipes of several Italian regions.

Dario and I would love to introduce you to the real Italian lifestyle and flavours that made us fall in love with the cuisine of our own country. Though we unfortunately can't make you live it, at least we can make you taste it!"

We warmly invite you to visit us in our cosy little restaurant " COVO" in 44 Fort st!

And remember, as an Italian proverb says: the small barrel preserves the best wine!

Sonia XXX